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Do you know that there are very effective all-natural solutions versus the traditional way of managing a cold and flu? There are significant differences in the way each solution treats the problem and affects the body. You may be using something out of habit, and don’t consider the consequences of blasting your body with harmful and potentially toxic chemicals. While some popular traditional over the counter cold

and flu products might provide you with temporary relief, they may also harm your body with side effects such as headaches, dizziness, nervousness, restlessness, tremor, insomnia, or drowsiness. For example, acetaminophen, which is found in many of these traditional products, has also been know to have negative side effects. Our friends at Positive Health Wellness offer some great tips and now includes Cold-Q in their list of health habits and health tips for cold and flu!

By Karen Reed | Positive Health Wellness

If you want to prevent a cold, you’re certainly not alone. Colds slow us down and make it so much harder to enjoy life. The key to feeling better is learning the best cold prevention methods and then using them to safeguard your good health. Today, we’re going to let you know the ins and outs of effective cold prevention.

We’ll share lots of practical tips which will help you to protect yourself from germs. Our comprehensive guide will include cold prevention for all ages, as well as a cold prevention remedies list and some advice on how to avoid colds, to begin with. We’ve put together a really detailed guide which is ideal for anyone who wants to explore preventative tips that work well for many users. We believe in natural remedies for preventing colds, and we are committed to offering tips that really work. First, let’s share some information about the common cold. It’s been plaguing mankind forever, and it is definitely something that most people dread.

What is the Common Cold?


The common cold is an illness which is triggered by microscopic organisms known as viruses. There are a couple hundred viruses which create cold-like symptoms, and the most common “attacker” is called a Rhinovirus. It triggers ten to forty percent of colds and causes twenty percent of cold cases. A virus known as Coronavirus causes twenty percent of these cases, while a virus known as Syncytial causes five percent and a virus known as Parainfluenza causes five percent of cases.

Cold symptoms run the gamut. Most people experience runny noses or stuffed noses, while others have sore throats and coughs. Some people experience congestion and/or body aches and milder headaches. Sneezing and low-grade fevers are also common. Some people report feelings of malaise while they are coming down with colds or dealing with colds. It’s possible to have just a few symptoms or a lot. Some people have milder colds because they are really strong, while others suffer from due to being a bit weaker. The age of the person may impact how bad a cold is. For example, someone who is elderly may be hit harder by a cold than a younger person would be. There are no set rules. Everyone is different. Just pay attention to your body if you feel unwell and take good care of yourself.

Now that we’ve covered some information about the common cold let’s talk about how to prevent colds in all ages. Kids have a special set of tips, some of which are just fine for the adults, too.

Cold Prevention in all Ages Overview


Kids become ill when they touch things that are contaminated with flu viruses. A lot of household surfaces and objects may carry these types of germs, including the handles of doors, railings for stairs, pencils, remote controls and so on. Usually, viruses which are found on these surfaces will remain alive for a few hours or more, before they die. To protect your kids from colds, make sure that they wash their hands on a regular basis. Hand-washing is a very effective way to kill germs, and you should encourage your children to wash their hands with hot, soapy water on a regular basis, especially after they play.

Also, to protect everyone, parents should keep their kids home if they have colds. This means keeping them home from school and other types of activities. As well, if you have more than one child, be careful to keep your other kids away from him or her while he or she is sick. Kids can still talk, but they shouldn’t share toys or get too close. While it’s often pretty challenging to keep kids separate, it’s worth trying, and we recommend it.

As well, kids should be trained to cover their mouths when they are coughing. Coughing sends cold germs into the air. The simple act of covering one’s mouth helps to keep them from touching other people and then infecting them. You can model this behavior yourself by covering your own mouth when you a cough. You may also want to cover your nose when you sneeze.

Regarding older kids, teens and adults, cold prevention tips vary. All will benefit from using the kid’s tips, though. It’s about frequent hand-washing, trying to avoid touching things which may be contaminated, staying away from people if you’re sick, or they are, and covering your mouth if you cough. Being mindful of these things should really pay off. Since there is no “cold shot,” like there is a flu shot, Prevention is really key. While you may not prevent every cold, you may avoid a lot of them if you’re careful.

Now, there are some natural supplements which people utilize quite a bit, and some get good results. As with most natural supplements, results will vary. Everyone is different, and everyone reacts to supplements in their own way. We find that these supplements get the best ratings from consumers and they definitely provide preventative benefits to a lot of people. The key to making the most of our tips is trial and error. You may need to try a few tips to find what is right for you. Use one of a few of these tips in order to stay well. You probably won’t have to use all of them. You will be able to order all of these supplements online.

Cold Prevention Remedies List


Cold-Q is a formula of natural herbs in a unique natural oral spray format. Free of pesticides and heavy metals, Cold-Q is also non-GMO. As an all-natural oral spray, Cold-Q directly coats the cells in the throat with the natural herbal formula, which many use as their go-to way to stay healthy when feeling symptoms of a cold.  Spray Cold-Q at the first sign of coldsymptoms.

Chicken soup is a folk remedy for colds, and there’s some scientific basis for its popularity as a cold remedy. A New York Times report indicates that this tasty and comforting soup stop neutrophils from moving. These are white blood cells which protect us from infections. The inhibition of these types of cells may reduce the symptoms of upper respiratory colds.

Garlic is available in grocery stores and in supplement form. It’s a potent germ-killer, and it’s known as “nature’s antibiotic.” If you want to use garlic, add it to food, eat it raw or take capsules or tablets. Some forms of garlic supplements are odour-free. Taking away the odor typically doesn’t change the performance, so you’re safe going for those supplements as well.

Vitamin C is an absolute powerhouse regarding its ability to promote better immune system function. Some people take a lot of vitamin C during the cold-weather months. They know that it helps them to stay well. However, to be on safe side, grab some chewable vitamin C or other types of vitamin C tablets and then take them according to the instructions on the bottle. The chewable ones taste great and may be easier to give to kids. Make sure that the supplements that you choose are safe for kids before you give them to your children. Recommended dosages will usually vary based on body weight.

Hopefully, this guide to the best supplements for preventing a cold will help you to protect your health. However, colds usually last only five days, so you should be able to make the best of things until you feel better. Now, let’s talk about the best ways to make a cold a bit more comfortable…

How to Take Care of Yourself



Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we get colds. This means that supplements, keeping our hands washed and so on doesn’t always work. Germs do have a way of getting in,and when they do, we need to face the facts and then take care of ourselves. Our best advice is to take it easy on yourself if you can. This means choosing to stay in and rest as much as you can. While a lot of us decide to soldier on by going to work and doing everything that we usually do, it’s not the best way to get better. You’re putting more stress on yourself and stress makes everything worse.

So, rest if you can. It’s also really important to get as many fluids as possible. Drinking pure water is great, such as bottled water or spring water. Hot herbal teas and fruit juice in moderate quantities should be good choices, too. Keeping your body hydrated will help you to feel better, faster. As well, you should consider eating a nice, clean diet. Put the junk food away, even if you crave it or want it because it’s easy. Go for fresh, healthy and unprocessed foods which are good for your body. If you don’t feel as hungry as you usually are, don’t worry too much. Just try to eat three smaller meals each day.

If you need to be out and about, give some thought to taking care of yourself on the go. Bundle up if it’s cold, bring a water bottle along and have some medicine on hand.

While natural remedies are great and often work very well, it’s sometimes convenient to have medicine around in case you need it. A lot of people use natural remedies to prevent colds and then take non-natural cold medication if they do happen to get sick once in a while. There are so many cold remedies out there. Most are pretty safe when taken as directed. Bear in mind that over-the-counter remedies do sometimes cause side effects. Some may make people jittery, for example. Everyone reacts in their own way.

Also, try not to exert yourself too much when you need to go out. Take transit or drive, rather than pounding the pavement. While a little exercise is good at this time, too much can be a bit draining. You need to conserve your energy.

If you can rest at home and get better, without needing to worry about work and errands, take some time to binge-watch Netflix or read a novel. With hot tea and some Kleenex at the ready, as well as natural remedies and/or over-the-counter medication, you’ll be able to make it through a cold with a high degree of comfort. Just baby yourself. Don’t be afraid to let other people help you if they ask to. It’s your time to be taken care of. However, our natural remedies will be great choices for self-care. While this article is focused on prevention, you should know that many of the supplements that we talked about are also great for treatment purposes. Vitamin C and Ginseng are two examples.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to prevent a cold and to take better care of yourself.

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