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By Sally Pau | My Practical Blog

I hate winter. I know it’s still fall, but it has been SO cold in Toronto! Everyone around me either has a cold or the flu. I’m constantly dodging

other people’s coughs and sneezes because I JUST got over a cold and I’m not ready to get sick again. Getting sick can prevent you from getting restful sleep, being productive in school or work, and basically just run you off track for several days. Instead of drinking highly-medicated cough syrup or popping cold/flu pills, there is an all-natural solution that attacks cold and flu viruses where they live. Your throat. Cold-Q is an unique all-natural oral spray that is free of pesticides and heavy metals, and is non-GMO.

I don’t know about most people, but for myself, my colds always start off from the throat. I thought I was just prone to throat infections because I got my tonsils removed when I was 12 and I don’t have that “barrier” to prevent bacterial from getting in, but I noticed that with most people, it always starts with a sore throat. It makes sense though because we are constantly coming in contact with many things that can transfer bacterial to our throats. Kissing, eating with our hands, inhaling someone’s cough (ok maybe not as common but it can happen), sharing food with others, etc.

Cold-Q for Colds and Flus

As soon as you start seeing the first symptoms of a cold or flu, you should take Cold-Q. Cold-Q is designed to directly target where colds and flus attack. Its work with your body to fight off the cold or flu before it reaches the rest of your body. It is fast, effective, and gets the job done.

Cold-Q contains a formula of natural herbs which have antiviral and immune enhancing properties. The special formula is  composed of herbs that are listed on Health Canada’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Ingredient (TCMI) monograph. Cold-Q is also very convenient and very easy to use. All you do is shake the bottle, rotate the spout, remove the safety cap, and spray 5 times to the back of the throat.  The spray allows direct application to the site of a viral attack.

Cold-Q for Headaches and Migraines

Though Cold-Q is specifically used for cold and flus, it can also be used for headaches. This will be VERY beneficial for myself because as most of my friends and family members know, I’ve been battling with migraines for years. It runs in the family, so it’s something that I can’t completely avoid but can manage whenever it happens. My neurologist has prescribed me multiple over-the-counter, powerful “migraine-killing” drugs that either didn’t work or made me feel completely off. I stopped taking them because they were expensive and carried long lists of medical ingredients that I wasn’t familiar of. The herbs included in Cold-Q formula are well known to provide headache relief. Even if you’re not suffering from a cold or flu, this is worth a shot.

With it’s small, compact size, Cold-Q is very convenient for travelling or on the go. Pop this in your bag and you’re ready whenever the first symptoms of a cold, flu, and/or migraine hits. Be ready this season and gear up with Cold-Q.

#WhySuffer when you can spray with Cold-Q™. Learn more about Cold-Q™ all natural oral spray and the ingredients and health benefits of our herbal throat spray.
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Attack colds right where they live.