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Thrifty Mommas Tips blogger Paula Schuck tried Cold-Q this cold and flu season with very positive results, and use Cold-Q for colds at the first sign of symptoms.

Cold and Flu Season – Prevent Getting Sick with Cold-Q #ColdQtotheResQ

By Paula

Cold and flu season is going to be vile this year. How do I know that? Well, that’s simple. My younger daughter and I have been sick on and off since school started! What started as a cough with my daughter spread to me. Then one of us had bronchitis. After that the two of us got a cold. Actually, we got the flu, but we thought it was a cold. Yes, cold and flu season is here, and it has not been kind, already. That’s why I got excited when I heard about Cold-Q.

Make Cold and Flu Season Easier with Cold-Q

Cold and flu germs spread like wildfire through any group of people. Whether it’s school or the workplace, when someone is sick, pretty much everyone gets sick. In fact sometimes cold symptoms can start only 10-12 hours after exposure and as we all know cold and flu symptoms can last 7-10 days. But with Cold-Q, you can break the cycle and keep yourself healthy. Cold-Q is a 100% natural oral spray used to help fight off a cold or flu by spraying its herbal formula on the back of your throat. It’s an herbal secret weapon.

Millions of Canadians get colds and the flu every year. The frequency increases every Autumn. Over the past few weeks I have been to the doctor and the health care clinic several times. Sometimes for me and other times for my daughter. Every single time the waiting room has been packed. Symptoms like coughing, sneezing and a sore throat are relentless this season.

When taken at the first sign of symptoms, Cold-Q can help stop the horror of cold and flu season in its tracks by targeting these ailments where they begin breeding – the back of the throat. It’s free of pesticides and heavy metals. It’s also non-GMO and easy to use. It checks all the boxes, ESPECIALLY the box where I DO NOT get sick! That’s important to me because while the average adult gets 2 to 3 colds per year, I am SO far above the curve, especially years like these. I need to protect myself in a big way during cold and flu season.

Cold-Q does that. It not only helps prevent a cold or flu, it also helps greatly reduce the duration of an existing cold or flu. In fact, a clinical study suggested that 80% of patients who used Cold-Q when they were sick showed no symptoms within two days of treatment. TWO DAYS. So, that means even if you already have cold or flu symptoms you can use Cold-Q.

That worked out well for me because we have scarcely had a healthy week since September. I started using Cold-Q a couple of days ago. It tastes a little like liquorice after you spray it in your mouth. Remember not to eat for a bit after. Let it work its magic.

Cold and Flu Season Just Got Easier with Cold-Q

I am excited about what Cold-Q means for me this cold and flu season. I have a bottle in my medicine cabinet right now and I am keeping it handy for the rest of the season. And because it’s all natural and free of anything horrible for me, I know I can use it without worrying. A cold or flu won’t sideline me again this season.

If you want to help make this cold and flu season the least sucky one ever, give Cold-Q a try. It’s all-natural, herbal, and free of things we try to avoid. Cold-Q is available at many health food stores and also on line: visit for more information.

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Stay healthy this cold and flu season when you spray with Cold-Q™; spray at the first sign of cold  symptoms.  Learn more about Cold-Q™ all natural oral spray and the ingredients and health benefits of our herbal throat spray.

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