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Wondering how well Cold-Q works? Here’s a testimonial we think you’ll love……and the reasons why Cold-Q needs to be part of your arsenal when it comes to cold and flu! Cold-Q was reviewed on the Amazing PR blog and here’s what they had to say.

Cold-Q was featured on and says Cold-Q Oral Spray is a real life saver.

Every year during the winter season in the UK millions of people gets a cold or flu virus. It seems just inevitable when travelling on public transport surrounded by people coughing and sneezing. At The Amazing Blog almost every one of us has suffered a cold or a cough this year and to think that it’s only January! Therefore the timing couldn’t be better for us to try out Cold-Q natural Oral Spray.

Cold-Q Oral Spray has produced a 100% natural oral spray formulated to help boost your immune system and combat colds and viral flu attacks. Chinese herbs are recognised around the world for their healing properties, and this Canadian brand decided to incorporate them into the spray formula. Key ingredients are: Angelica root (Bai Zhi), qiang huo, chuan xiong, tan xiang, da zao, huang qi, cang zhu and sheng gan cao; these all work in synergy to reduce symptoms, ease chest pain, improve breathing, stimulate the immune system and act as anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

The Cold-Q Oral Spray is a real life saver, at Amazing PR we have to used it, and it worked wonders. Our Exec Editor went down with a heavy cold at Christmas and she religiously dosed up with this spray which she is convinced (1) contained the cold (2) speeded it up the healing and (3) stopped it spreading to her chest. It’s the powerful natural ingredients that make the oral spray so fast and effective, the product delivers what it promises. When used at the early stage of the infection you can be healed in a few days. For best results use at the first signs of symptoms, spray five times in your throat, three times a day. The spray tastes pleasant, is free from pesticides, heavy metals,  and GMO. We rate it and this has now become a firm staple in our medicine cabinet. You can purchase Cold-Q oral spray here for $23.99 via Paypal.

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#WhySuffer when you can spray with Cold-Q™.  Learn more about Cold-Q™ all natural oral spray and the ingredients and health benefits of our herbal throat spray.

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