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Cold-Q™ August, 2018 Press Release

Back-to-School Cold and Flu: Most Common Causes and How to Prevent Them.

This press release covers how kids are heading back to schools and universities, and how the risk of getting colds and flu will increase significantly. Read the full press release.

Dr. Joey’s Newsletter

Dr. Joey Shulman DC, and registered nutritionist, highlights Cold-Q in the October 2017 newsletter as one of the FALL PRODUCTS WE CAN’T STOP LOVING.

CTV Morning Life Ottawa

Cold-Q™ was featured on CTV Morning Live Ottawa in a holiday gift guide segment with lifestyle expert Loukia Zigoumis. The segment featured gifts that are perfect for everyone this holiday season. Cold-Q™ was featured at the 1:45:50 mark. Loukia emphasized that by taking Cold-Q™ everyday, it will help you stay illness free. The host then boosted the benefits of the product being a spray, rather than a pill form.

CBC – The Goods

Cold-Q™ was featured on The Goods for an audience giveaway. The giveaway was split between two showings allowing both audiences to experience the benefits of Cold-Q! The giveaway is featured at the 29:21 mark and is featured as an all-natural cold and flu spray that should be taken at the first sight of symptoms! Cold-Q was also featured on CBC’s website and Facebook page with the chance to win for those viewing at home. Read full article here.

Elevate Magazine

Cold-Q™ was featured in Elevate Magazine in an article called “Your Wellness: Stop Colds Fast! 3 cold-season tips to fight the flu!” The article features Cold-Q as the best over the counter medicine to attack germs head on rather than suppressing them. The article featured Cold-Q on page 53.

Read full article here.

The Calgary Sun

Cold-Q™ was featured in The Calgary Sun on October 20, 2016 in an article called “Cool Stuff”. All key messaging was delivered, and it boosted the easy, convenient use of the product. It also featured a study which shows the efficacy of Cold-Q™ in comparison to a control group, stating “An open clinical study suggested 80% of patients were free of symptoms within two days of treatment with Cold-Q, as compared with the control group which showed less than 10% response by day three.”

Best Health Magazine

Cold-Q™ was featured in an article on Best Health online called “20 Ways to Survive Holiday Party Season – With Your Health Intact”. The article outlines different tips and tricks to keep yourself healthy and safe during the holiday season and mentioned Cold-Q™ as a great way to be prepared for oncoming colds and flu. The article mentions that timing is everything when it comes to getting sick, by taking Cold-Q™ at the first sight of the symptom you can be party ready all season long.

Read full article here.

Train it Right

Train it Right featured Cold-Q™ in a product review article and focused on how it helped her boyfriend recover after he recently got sick. She then went out to describe his experience stating that unlike most sprays of this nature, which can be harsh or numbing he found this to be refreshing and cooling on the back of his throat. He felt relief from it and used it every day until he felt better.

Read full article here.

Betches Love Fit

Betches Love Fit featured Cold-Q™ in a great article that looked deep into each ingredient to better understand why Cold-Q™ is as effective as it is. The article outlines the most beneficial ingredients and how they interact with your body. The article focuses on the natural aspect of Cold-Q™ and how important it is to stay healthy during the winter months and how Cold-Q™ can help. The article delivers all key messaging and boosts Cold-Q™ as a great, natural product.

Read full article here.

Blush Vancouver

Blush Vancouver is an online publication that is dedicated to helping people live a healthy, mindful lifestyle. In this Halloween Health Tips post, several experts including Cold-Q™ were featured providing the “best tips and remedies that will kick any cold to the curb.”

Read full article here.

My Practical Blog

Cold-Q™ was featured on My Practical Blog in a great blog post that outlined all of Cold-Q’s™ key points and messages. One point to note was how the author, Sally Pau, stated how well Cold-Q™ works for headaches. “This will be VERY beneficial for myself because as most of my friends and family members know, I’ve been battling with migraines for years. My neurologist has prescribed me multiple over-the-counter, powerful “migraine-killing” drugs that either didn’t work or made me feel completely off. I stopped taking them because they were expensive and carried long lists of medical ingredients that I wasn’t familiar of. The herbs included in Cold-Q formula are well known to provide headache relief. Even if you’re not suffering from a cold or flu, this is worth a shot.”

Read full article here.

The Things I Wish I Knew Blog

Cold-Q™ was featured on The Things I Wish I Knew Blog in an informative blog post entitled, “Cold-Q Wants To Help You Stay Healthy This Winter.” The blog talked about the benefits of Cold-Q™ and mentioned the story behind Cold-Q™ stating, “Inspired by his wife’s battle with breast cancer, chemotherapy and viral attacks on her immune compromised body, Don made it his quest to bring this all-natural product to market to fight off cold and cases of the flu, especially for people in a most vulnerable state.”

Read full article here.

With Lelo Blog

Cold-Q™ was featured on WIth Lelo Blog and talked about the many benefits of Cold-Q™ mentioning how it helped the author’s husband get over a “man cold” and stating that, “What’s great is that he felt instant relief and his cold that would have been the bane of my existence never really surfaced. He felt his symptoms disappear in about 2 days. Lucky for him because I was about to send him to his mother’s!,” and that, “By spraying with Cold-Q, this allows for immediate action to fight those pesky viruses as the direct application coats the mucosal cells at the back of the throat.”

Read full article here.

Diana’s Healthy Living Blog

Cold-Q™ was featured on Diana’s Healthy Living Blog, in a post entitled, “Cold-Q My Secret Weapon to Stave Off a Cold,” where the author stated that, “since I have been using Cold-Q I can say that I have not been sick (knock on wood) while others around me have literally been sick like dogs, as the saying goes,” and that, “Let’s face it, it’s winter and people are sick with the flu and cold.  You can’t live in a bubble and avoid people (although there are some people I would like to avoid) so I take preventative measure to ensure that I don’t get sick.”

Read full article here.

Healthy Living Magazine

Cold-Q™ was featured in the Winter 2016 Edition of Healthy Living Magazine in an article called “News and Newsworthy”. The article introduces new health and wellness products that are on the market. The article boosted Cold-Q™ as a natural formula, free of pesticides and heavy. It further mentions that in a clinical study, Cold-Q™ was found to reduce symptoms in two days. See full issue here.

Health and Wellness Retailer

Cold-Q™ was featured in the Winter 2017 Edition of Health and Wellness Retailer on page 33.  See full issue here. (Page 17 on the .PDF link)

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