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Cold-Q™ Herbal Spray Testimonials

We are a family of very bad cold sufferers, with horrible head colds that last 2 weeks or more.  So we are hooked on this product because we feel it has warded off colds.  If we start using it at the very first sign of a scratchy throat, and commit to three times a day, it works.  I am thrilled that this product exists. Thank you.


I first tried Cold-Q in the fall of 2013 and I became hooked instantly by the amazing results. I use it immediately within experiencing the first symptoms like a scratchy dry throat or excess sneezing. I am confidant in knowing that Cold-Q will stop the virus. I have over 15 years experience in the natural health area and I am very impressed. I have not suffered from a cold in the past two winters and been able to nip it in the bud as soon as symptoms arise !! I don’t need to miss work which my employer appreciates and not spending a tons of cash of multitudes of health products that in the end just help ease the symptoms and not halt the virus in it’s tracks.  I highly recommend Cold-Q!!!

Wendy Dawson

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Prince Edward Island, Canada

I learned about Cold-Q from my son Randy. He suggested I try it whenever I felt cold like symptoms start in my body. I also have C.O.P.D. and must be careful about what I take to fight off colds . I asked my Doctor and my Pharmacist about using Cold-Q. They informed me that Cold-Q would not interfere with my inhalers, and that I could use it. My husband and I have each used this product with really good results at least 3 or 4 times since. It has worked for us. I will continue to use it and will recommend it to our family and friends to try.


After using Cold-Q I felt better almost immediately! It really helped with my sinuses.  I would definitely keep using this product and recommend it to anyone with a cold! I also love that it’s all natural ingredients!

Alexandra Duncan

I cannot say enough as to what a great product Cold-Q is,  and how effective it has been for both me personally and for keeping  my staff healthy and on the job!

As a manager of a busy health care practice, staffing shortage due to illness is always an issue at any time of the year. This year we gave all of our staff a bottle of Cold-Q and asked them to use it at the first signs of a cold, sore throat or flu like symptoms.  Within a few days, several staff reported back to me that they had been feeling under the weather or had cold symptoms and within a day or two of taking Cold-Q they felt better. Normally a staff member calling in with a cold or flu would be out for 3-7 days. Our absentee rate has dropped dramatically! Certainly not to be overlooked is the cost we incur when staff are away ill, and we are forced to bring in higher priced or less competent staff to cover their jobs. The cost of one bottle of Cold-Q is a minor investment compared to the cost of a valued employee being off work for several days, which can run in the high hundreds if not more.

On a personal level, I will share that as someone with a lifetime history of a compromised Immune System, a cold or flu that will normally have someone off work for 3-5 days, will keep me away from work for up to 6 weeks. I was recently had a sore throat and felt lethargic so I knew I was heading into a sick period. I took my Cold-Q and within 2 days I felt no cold symptoms whatsoever, and my throat was fine. Thank you Cold-Q….and my boss says thank you as well!

I highly recommend Cold-Q to  you, your family and friends, professionals and their patients.

Debra Turco

Operations Manager, Eyes on Sheppard, Toronto, ON

Dr. Jeremy Clapp

As a health care professional working in a very busy practice, I’m often exposed to ‎cold and flu viruses. Inevitably I get sick a few times a year and this results in disruption of my work schedule, difficulty rescheduling patients, and  financial implications. When one of my staff get sick, the office doesn’t run efficiently and bottlenecks occur. When I was introduced to Cold-Q I was a bit skeptical but was intrigued by the clinical studies. Recently, I felt a cold coming on (sore throat, runny nose, etc.) and started taking Cold-Q immediately. Whereas in the past, my immune system would crash and I would be in bed. After starting Cold-Q, I was functional and feeling good. I didn’t miss a day of work. My colleague also had a similar experience. With the cold and flu season upon us, every staff member and doctor now  has a bottle of Cold-Q. Even if I can now reduce sick days by 50%, this will have a positive impact on patient care, scheduling, and practice revenues.

Looking forward to a healthy year.

Dr. Kerry Salsberg

Eyes on Sheppard, Toronto, ON

I woke up feeling quite sick, with a stuffed up nose sore throat and quite fatigued. I purchased Cold-Q later that day and by the next morning feeling much better with no sore throat. By the second day I felt 100% with the cold all gone. Never have I gotten over a cold so fast.

Quinn McCleverty

I got hit hard with a flu which knocked me off of my feet literally, first time in a decade…rare for me as I have a very strong immune system and I’m very healthy. I took Cold-Q at first symptoms of chills, fatigue, body aches, sinus congestion and more, and within 24 hours started getting positive results – the symptoms literally improved immediately. Since then, I’ve recommended it to clients, friends and family, and all had very positive results.

Please use this amazing natural product yourself and experience the results first hand. I’m a firm believer in natural products and support this product 100%.  Try it yourself!

Mavis Matchett

Business Owner and Natural Health Care Practitioner, Markham, ON

Cold-Q is a miracle.  My daughter was quite sick with the flu, and very irritable.  After using Cold-Q my daughter is a different person because she feels so much better.


Thornhill, ON

Cold-Q has made me a believer!!!

My reaction, “WOW that’s amazing!” But to be completely honest, a part of me thought it was just a coincidence – until a few days later when my husband developed the same symptoms and we tried it again. I was once again wowed! It actually works!!!!  A MUST TRY PRODUCT!!!!



I am writing this to tell you of my experience with Cold-Q and the effect it has had on my health and well-being.  I suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and as such I have a difficult time breathing under the best of conditions, so cannot afford to expose myself to colds, the flu, etc. as they will only worsen my health in far more drastic ways than would happen to a person with healthy lungs.

Now keep in mind that the average duration of a cold or flu with me is 7 to 10 days!  Usually when I get a cold or other viral infection it ends up in my lungs, and about half the time I end up either in the hospital or at home on bed rest for a few days.  In fact the last cold I had earlier this summer took me three weeks to be rid of even though I was taking prescribed medicines and using inhalers twice as often.

I recently acquired a bottle of Cold-Q, and simply forgot to use it until Monday August 25, 2014.  I awoke that day with a sore throat, post-nasal drip in the back of my throat and my right ear was blocked.  I knew immediately that I had a virus, probably a cold, and had to do something about it ASAP, and there was the bottle of Cold-Q!

I immediately sprayed my throat, and found the taste to be pleasant, not unlike having eaten an orange.  I waited the required 30 minutes, had my coffee and breakfast, and around 4 hours later sprayed my throat again with Cold-Q.

I kept up this routine for the next 4 days, but I have to tell you that the last day was simply to keep the routine going, because all my symptoms were gone in less than 72 hours!  Cold-Q worked in less than 3 days!

I now use my bottle of Cold-Q twice daily as a preventative measure, and although other members of my family have had colds in the last few weeks, I have not!


Winnipeg, Man

I have found Cold-Q to be an easy solution and have had great feedback from my patients. I used to prescribe it, but now they’re asking for it.

Dr. Melissa Carr

Active Life Health Clinic, Vancouver, British Columbia

As an employee of a health food store working in the supplement department, I am exposed to a lot of sick customers every day – which is why I can easily catch cold. I used to take supplements such as vitamin C and cordyceps to boost my immune system, and oregano oil for sore throat. I dislike the taste of oregano oil; however, I didn’t have a choice.  A month ago, I received a bottle of Cold-Q as a sample, and I haven’t needed oregano oil and immune system boosters since then.  As a Chinese with both a pharmacy and nutrition background, I was intrigued by Cold-Q. When I had all the cold symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, headache, fatigue and sore muscles, I started taking Cold-Q™. The result totally surprised me!! My cold symptoms were reduced in three days, and once I started taking it, I didn’t have a sore throat any longer. The taste of this product is much better than the oregano oil, and the spray design is very convenient to use.

I now carry Cold-Q in my purse every day. Every time I feel a cold coming on, I  spray 2-3 times, and the symptoms  disappear. The most amazing fact about Cold-Q is its ability to kill the virus, and it is one of the best cold remedies I’ve ever tried. I highly recommend this product to you, as the way I recommend it to all my family, friends and colleagues. Little tip, don’t eat and drink anything for 30 minutes after you take it. Wish everyone can have a warm Christmas and new year without cold!


So your wonder drug came in the nick of time! My son had been sick for about 4 days — coughing, sneezing, headache, fever — and had missed 2 days of school. Other products weren’t doing much. Then I had him try the Cold-Q at about 3 PM, and by 6 PM most of his symptoms were gone. I had him take it again the next morning before school, just to be safe, but he didn’t even really need it — he wasn’t sick at all. You were right — this stuff is miraculous!


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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