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Herbal Throat Spray Studies

herbal throat spray

Cold-Q is an all-natural oral spray which was designed to target the site at which cold/flu viruses attack, with the objective of attacking the virus at the very early stages of development. The in vivo* studies that demonstrated the potential efficacy of Cold-Q were carried out on both animals and humans.


The clinical study was carried out on 152 patients who were screened for defined symptoms of a full blown cold or flu attack. The treatment group (82) was treated with Cold-Q for 4 days. The control group (70) was given a combination of competitors’ product (acetaminophen and amantadine ) and assessed as was the treated group over the 4 day treatment period. The results summarized in the chart below suggest that approximately 80% of patients were free of symptoms within two days of treatment with Cold-Q as compared to the control group which showed less than 10% response by day 3.

herbal throat spray


Recent in vitro** studies conducted by an accredited laboratory used by the National Institute of Health (NIH) demonstrated that Cold-Q shows antiviral activity against influenza A, influenza B, H1N1, H3N2 and SARS.  And by nature of its formulation, we believe Cold-Q also provides strong immune support.

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*in vivo are those in which the effects of various biological entities are tested on whole, living organisms usually animals including humans, and plants as opposed to a partial or dead organism.
**in vitro studies are performed with microorganisms, cells or biological molecules outside their normal biological context. Colloquially called “test tube experiments”, these studies in biology and its sub-disciplines have traditionally been done in test-tubes, flasks, petri dishes etc.

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