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Kidsumers blogger Sherri McDonald featured Cold-Q in a product review article and found Cold-Q helped her as a treatment for throat irritation from reflux.  Read on for Sherri’s insights…..

Every morning this week I have woken up congested with a scratchy throat and feeling generally under the weather. My kids are complaining of the same thing, but I don’t have time to be sick or to have them home from school. I also don’t like pumping my kids full of medication every time they complain of the sniffles, so I look for natural alternatives.

I was recently sent cold-Q to try. It is a 100% natural remedy in the form of an oral spray and the purpose of using it is to stop the virus right where it starts – in your throat. I’ve never used an oral spray before so I wasn’t sure how it would feel to spray something to the back of my throat. It turns out, that part isn’t bad at all. The directions say to tilt your head back and spray five times, three times a day. I noticed my throat felt better right away and I have less congestion on day two.

Cold-Q works by putting the virus fighting herbs right where the cold and flu viruses attack, at the back of your throat. Using cold-Q as soon as the symptoms hit will get you the best results, but even if you already have a cold, you can use it to speed along your recovery.

“An open clinical study suggested that 80% of patients were free of symptoms within two days of treatment with Cold-Q™, as compared with the control group which showed less than 10% response by day three. The herbs in the formula have antiviral and immune enhancing properties that provide quick action.”

Throat relief for acid reflux

I found another possible benefit to cold-Q, as a treatment for throat irritation from reflux. It is not marketed for this and was in no way suggested to me that it would be useful as a treatment for reflux, but in a moment of desperation I tried it. I have reflux and was having a difficult night. I treated the heartburn but my throat was burning (those who have reflux will know what I mean) and making me cough. I saw the cold-Q and wondered if it could help. It did! Just two sprays coated my throat enough to ease the burning and let me get some sleep.

I like that cold-Q can be carried in my purse and used when we travel as well as at home. It is very easy to use so that the kids can use it too and there are no concerns about pesticides, heavy metals or other harmful ingredients. I can treat our colds without worrying about drowsiness or that awful dry feeling that sinus meds often cause. Overall, I feel it’s a great first defense against colds!

Attack the cold and flu virus right where it lives. Simply spray with Cold-Q™. Learn more about cold-Q™ all natural oral spray and the ingredients and health benefits of our herbal throat spray. Buy today and be prepared for cold and flu.

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