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Lazy Mom’s blogger, Joanna, featured Cold-Q in a product review article and found Cold-Q  to help her stay healthy this fall and during cold and flu season. This is what Joanna had to say:

Every year, fall comes and so does the flu and cold. Every year it’s the same story of a very sick family and a mom who just can’t handle it anymore. Since my kids go to daycare three times a week, they do play with other kids, and then they get sick. They stay sick for a week, and then I get really sick. For at least three weeks or so. And we all know that when the mom get’s sick, then the home turns in to chaos, and nothing get’s done, right? So this year I decided that it’s about time that I’d try something different to actually stay healthy. Because I just can’t have the same fall as last year, and two years ago! I’m way to busy for that, and my kids really need me to be there for them!

That’s why I decided to try the ColdQ this fall. What I like about it, is that it’s all natural and herbal , and it’s an oral spray ( so it’s really easy to use on the go!). It’s made to attack the cold and flu virus at the very firs sings of symptoms and it’s also free of pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives, and is non-GMO ! So in my books, that’s a huge win!

And since its formula has antiviral and immune boosting properties, it actually can be used as a part of a fall routine in order to avoid getting sick all together! You just have to spray it at the back of the throat, right at where the germs and viruses are!

So I decided to keep one in my living room for now, to use it daily in the afternoon, and when I work. Since I’m a rather busy mom I tend to really forget about myself, so keeping ColdQ where I can see it is actually the only way for me to remember about it!

And I also have another ColdQ is in my bedroom, so I never forget about it in the evening. I really believe that prevention is the most important and effective way to stay healthy, so this fall that’s what I’m all about.

Attack the cold and flu virus right where it lives. Simply spray with Cold-Q™. Learn more about cold-Q™ all natural oral spray and the ingredients and health benefits of our herbal throat spray. Buy today and be prepared for cold and flu.

Use cold-Q to stay healthy

Staying healthy with cold-Q

There’s this proverb that I love : ” He who has health has hope, and who has hope has everything”. So this fall, I plan on having everything!

Keep Cold-Q by my side

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