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Have you ever wondered how the delivery method of one treatment works vs. another? Is one type of delivery better?  Do you wonder how an oral spray could possibly help stop the ravages of a cold or flu perhaps in a more superior manner than a pill?

By: Jason Tetro, The Germ Guy

The answer comes down to how viruses cause infection.  They can’t live on their own. They can only thrive inside human cells.  Once they are in, however, they can really cause trouble.  They take over the cell, multiply to incredibly high numbers and then head out in search of other cells to invade.  Within a few days, a single virus can make millions of new viruses and eventually wreak havoc.

But, if you can block the virus from getting into a cell, you can keep the virus out and the infection won’t occur.  Even if one or a few viruses have already started the process, a barrier can keep the new ones from making the situation worse.  That is why a spray has such an advantage over other cold and flu treatment options.   It goes directly to the cells and immediately forms that barrier.  As soon as you feel a tickle in the throat, just open your mouth, tilt your head back and push the pump.  That’s it.   No need to wait for a lozenge to dissolve or the digestive system to send the active ingredients into the blood stream.

So the next time you’re pondering which mode of delivery you should use, an oral pray or pill, consider a spray as it may be the most effective way to block a virus.

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