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In today’s workplaces, a day off is a true luxury. With mile-long to-do lists and a frighteningly-high number of un- or under-employed hopefuls ready to take their places, more and more people are choosing not to take time off — even when they are sick with a cold or the flu. Source: It’s Cold And Flu Season: Are You Too Sick To Go To Work?

62% That’s the percentage of people who reported going to work with a cold in order to save their sick days for something fun.

Nearly have of the 2,000 adults who participated in a Crowdtap survey conducted by Robuitussin said that they were unlikely to stay home when they felt sick because they had limited sick or vacation days. And when sick employees go to work, so do their germs. A single cough can contain as much as 200 million virus particles and can travel out of the lungs at a speed of up to 500 miles per hour.  That means a cough is faster than both a bullet train (375 miles per hour) and a NASCAR racer (200 miles per hour).  Once they are out in the world, germs can survive for several hours on paper and a few days on plastic or steel.  Now your co-worker with Clorox wipes doesn’t seem so paranoid, does she? Source: Real Simple Magazine page 4

What to do? Use Cold-Q!

When spraying Cold-Q to the back of the throat at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms, it attacks the virus right where it lives and allows for immediate action. Herbs in the Cold-Q natural oral spray formula have antiviral and immune enhancing properties.

Simply spray with cold-Q™. Learn more about cold-Q™ all natural oral spray and the ingredients and health benefits of our herbal throat spray. Buy now and be prepared for cold and flu.

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